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Gardening on the Cheap

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This seems like an odd time of year to start talking about gardening, but anyone will tell you that I am not known for great timing. Timing aside though, now is actually a great time to think about gardening. Gardening for next year.

This past Summer’s garden was a success for us. Out of my two little 4×8 beds, I got enough veggies to help keep my grocery bill manageable. Not to mention I developed a love for gardening that is now part of my daily routine. So, I have made plans for a much, MUCH bigger garden for next Spring. I started with asking our friends Steven and Anita if they could maybe do us a favor and plow up a plot in our side yard with their tractor. They were so sweet and did. I gave them a couple bottles of wine and then went to work hoeing up some rows.

Anybody need some rocks?!

I tested the PH of my dirt and added some lime to adjust it and then hopped the fence and got me some…well, I got some poop. Cow poop. And I put it on the rows too.

Then I planted my garlic for next year. Now is the time to do it! Not only is garlic great for cooking but bugs HATE it. So, I put several bulbs throughout each row to deter the nasty little bugs from munching on all of my hard work.

I also put out some turnip greens and spinach. It may be a little late, but hopefully a hard freeze will hold off until I can get a few more fresh veggies in.

So, tell me. Are you still digging in the dirt this fall? Are you thinking ahead to next Spring’s garden?

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