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The 10 Must Have Staple Recipes to Stock Your Pantry

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10 Must Have Pantry Staples!

I am a HUGE fan of any recipes from scratch (if you hadn’t figured that out by now). While the cost savings of making your own can be huge it’s really the fact that I know EXACTLY what is going into my recipes. Also, when you live waaaayyyy out in the country you have to be creative and resourceful.

And who doesn’t love feeling self-sufficient? (Probably no one, but if there was someone like that I’m not sure we would get along.)

Anywhoo – here is a one stop shop post to supply you with my favorite pantry staples to make yourself and always have on hand from some of my favorite bloggers around the interwebs.

Now hold on to your airtight containers and get ready!

  1. Dry Onion Soup Mix from The Country Cook – I’ll put this stuff on anything; potatoes, chicken breasts, I’ll mix it in my meatballs, heck…it even makes a good soup! I love Brandie’s version because it uses low-sodium ingredients. And that’s good, because I tend to swell up like a tick when I eat too much salt.
  2. Homemade Baking Mix – Alright y’all, this one is my recipe, but I can’t tell you how often I use it. See that plastic container? It’s my actual, always needing to be refilled, baking mix container. Throw out your Bisquick and use this instead.Homemade Baking Mix
  3. Gluten-free Seasoned Salt from Iowa Girl Eats – How often do you use seasoned salt? I use that stuff ALL THE TIME. It’s a game changer when its at the ready to sprinkle on fries, burgers or scrambled eggs.
  4. Paleo Powdered Sugar from Joy.Food.Sunshine. – I wish this was in my life a few weeks ago when I ran out of powdered sugar while making my 6th batch Marbled Peanut Butter Fudge and had to make my 3rd trip to the grocery store that day to finish it.
  5. Homemade Ranch Seasoning from Wicked Spatula – I am a ranch dressing junkie and I made my own from scratch every week for years when I was catering. I love this one because it’s easy on the salt, and I already mentioned how easy it is for me to get sausage fingers.
  6. Homemade Vanilla Extract from Natasha’s Kitchen – Y’all I haven’t bought vanilla extract in years. It is super easy-peasy to put together and if you find yourself some cute little bottles you can knock out a few CHristmas gifts too!
  7. Taco Seasoning Mix from Courtney’s Sweets – I think we have tacos every single week (I mean what else do you eat on a Tuesday?) so we keep a giant jar of taco seasoning at the ready. 
  8. Homemade Steak/Burger Seasoning – Ok, this one is mine too but it is totally always on hand in our house. We eat a lot of burgers and flank steak and this is my go to seasoning that I know everyone will love. Steak with Blue Cheese Butter from
  9. Homemade Mayo from The Gracious Wife – It’s not hard to make your own mayo but it does take a little patience. Don’t worry, it’s worth the trouble. You can make the best dang potato salad ever with your homemade mayo..
  10. Homemade Stir Fry Sauce from Tomato Boots – Ok, we make stirfry almost as much as we make tacos. And while I am a fan of a few store-bought varieties I am often out of said sauce. I also have a bit of an obsession with Asian condiments and sauces and I love whipping up my own blends. This one is an excellent go-to blend to make a quick stir-fry come together even faster and you can add all kinds of fun stuff in there to change it up like garlic, ginger or green onions. 
  11. EXTRA BONUS RECIPE!All Purpose Curry Paste from Every Nook & Cranny – I just discovered Jodie’s blog (she has such a great name) recently and her site is FULL of inventive recipes. This curry paste is one I haven’t tried yet but only because we Southern girls don’t eat a lot of curry. I have been wanting to try my hand at curries and I think this recipe is where I am going to start. That’s it for this roundup! You can see these and some of my other favorite pantry staples on my Pinterest board just for Pantry Staples!  What are some of your favorite pantry staples?

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