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Too many irons on the fire…

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When we decided to move to the country, it was not only to be closer to family, but also to have more time to ourselves to really concentrate on the things we loved. So far, the time with our family has been priceless but the “free time” we were dreaming of has eluded us. Which is why I want to apologize to my dear readers and my fellow bloggers whose virtual friendship I have neglected over the past few months. I have just been unbelievably busy!

What have I been up to, you ask. Well, lets see…

First I spend a lot of time here…

at Grinder’s Switch Winery. I not only do all of the website and internet marketing work but I also have a large part in taking care of the tasting room and developing new events and promotions. I also am occasionally called in to help bottle and in a couple months my skills in picking grapes will be tested.

Then, of course, there is quality time with my little nuclear family that is getting so much older everyday. My sweet little boy rode his bike without training wheels for the first time yesterday. I’m so proud!!

Also, I have discovered a real love and passion for gardening and a deep, unbridled hatred of the brown marmerated stink bug. I check my garden at least twice a day, rain or shine and spend quite a bit of time fighting this brown little bastard here ( pardon my French):

Oh, how I hate the stink bug. And Japanese beetles, but mostly stink bugs.

Then there are little things like the occasional photo shoot or sewing project for clients. There has also been some interest from a few people to do things like help with their websites or redesigning menus. And lets not forget laundry, house cleaning and grocery shopping. And a trip to the grocery store is almost an all day event. I honestly can’t get in front of the computer for more than 20 minutes a day which would have been unheard of 6 months ago before we moved.

The funny thing is, I haven’t stopped cooking or taking photos of the recipes I have cooked, I’m just having a devil of a time finding the time and energy to sit down and write out a post. Of course, I am working with satellite internet now so doing anything online takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R. So, in an effort to do more posting, there will be fewer step-by-step pictures with my recipes. If it’s something really complicated I’ll show you how, so don’t worry.

I want to thank you all for sticking around even though blogging has really been pushed to the back burner lately. I love ya all!!

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  1. We miss you! BUT, I look at it as so many wonderful opportunities you’ve had BECAUSE you started a blog and as an offshoot of it. For many of us the ultimate goal is to take our passions and interests that often first play themselves out on a blog and turn them into many other opportunities to use our talents! It appears that you are doing just that. Keep pursuing those other interests, and blog when you can. We’ll always be right here waiting for your fabulous recipes and beautiful pictures…which by the way I am cooking several of over the next few weeks. 😉 Hugs!


    1. Thanks Heather! You are absolutely right and I am enjoying being so busy with things that I love. I miss you guys too but I am loving the new blog you guys have now. It’s so wonderful and I love to read it! I heart you!!

  2. I can’t think of too many things better than what you are doing my friend, sounds like your busy life is working out just fine, the winery sounds interesting as does your passion at gardening and love of family shows a headstrong mother in charge… keep it all up and let us in on things every now and then, life is more than blogging and food (did I say that?)….

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