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The Top 5 Kitchen DIY’s

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I have been blogging for…7 years!?

Holy cow, 7 years.

And in 7 years I believe that I have managed to add a little value to the internet (not much, but a little bit). I noticed recently that some of my most useful posts have been swept under the rug so to speak. Many were published years before Pinterest, Digg, or the wild popularity of Twitter and I thought that maybe they should be pulled out of the back of the blog closet and put back on display. So…here you go…here is the most helpful I have ever been.

1.) Chop, Chop – How to Butcher Your Own Chicken

Ok, maybe “butcher” was the wrong word, “Cut-Up” would have probably been a better term to use. Either way, this is still something I think everyone should know how to do. It’s not hard, and it makes you feel like a pro when you break down a bird.


2.) The Money is in The Mixes Part I and Part II

This is actually 2 posts but they are super useful for all of you out there who prefer to mix your convenience food with your DIY capabilities. The Taco Seasoning and the Seasoned Breadcrumbs are my most used, but all of the mixes are super handy to have around.

mixes 012

3.) Chicken Stock and Chicken Noodle Soup

There probably is no more valuable lesson than how to make your own chicken stock and it’s totally NOT hard or expensive. As a matter of fact, it should cost you almost nothing. And it’s delicious…so make some already.


4.) Homemade Baking Mix

Probably my most used recipe in my house. I keep this stuff in stock ALL THE TIME. It’s tragic if I run out. We use it for everything from Pancakes to biscuits. It knocks the socks off of Bisquick.

Homemade Baking Mix

5.) Frozen Pizza

This is a new DIY for me but I already see it as one that will be used very often in this house. It’s just too handy not to. I mean…what is more convenient than your own frozen pizza?


Thanks for visiting time and again for the past seven years! I can’t wait to see what helpful posts the next seven years will bring!

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