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How to Peel a Tomato

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Should you ever try to can tomatoes or make salsa or spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes, you will have to peel your tomatoes first. Just the thought of having to tediously peel tomatoes with a knife is enough to deter anyone from the task. Lucky for us, some genius discovered this very easy method to peeling tomatoes. This also works for peaches, grapes and those tiny little onions.
So, here we go.

You need:
a pot of nearly boiling water
a pot of ice water
a trash can
a knife
an empty bowl

First, drop a few tomatoes into the hot water. Let sit for 30-60 seconds.
Remove from hot water and transfer immediately, to the cold water.

With your knife, remove the core and any bad spots from the tomato. The skin will start to wrinkle and peel away. Simply gently squeeze the bottom and the skin will come right off. Throw the skin and core in the trash. Voila! Peeled Tomato. Now wasn’t that easy.

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  1. Man how did you get so smart.. And Geralds pictures look great.. I even saw some of me on your photo album

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