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Food Blog Forum Atlanta – Day 2!!

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Ladies and Gentleman. I have seen the blogging promised land. I have chatted with it’s leaders. I have hob-nobbed with it’s blogging nobles. I have had my eyes opened and my mind widened to all the wonders that blogging can be.

And I got some really awesome swag to boot.

Day 2 of Atlanta Food Blog Forum was …awesome. I can’t think of a better word than awesome. I learned what I need to do to make this blog better and more useful for not only me but also you the reader. You can expect to see some ( hopefully) great changes in the coming weeks as I hope to move this vessel over to WordPress( finally!) and maybe even get my own little “.com”. You can also expect to see a few new things as far as posting, and if you don’t like them, please, let me know!

But I’ll tell you what the most awesome thing was about Food Blog Forum. Meeting all of these other food bloggers face to face! I met so many! And everyone was so helpful and nice!  So, I want to give a few shout outs:

BIG, HUGE , FAT shout out to Monica from . She was not only my neighbor during all of the seminars, but she even let me hang out and change in her hotel room between seminar and after party. People everywhere should thank Monica for not making me change in my car. It’s not a pretty site. (And for some reason, I don’t have a picture of her! )

A Big ‘Ol Hello to Kristina from Knuckle Salad! Kristina and I talked a lot and I think that we are kinda of the same personality; A little odd but in a lovable and awesome sort of way. She has an awesome blog and she is a wealth of information. Thanks Kristina!

I’d also like to thank the ladies I lunched with for the great conversation!

There was Tori from Food Victorian

Jenny from SouthernFriedCurry

And the fabulous Deb Duchon from The Culinary Historian ( and Good Eats! )


And of course The Shed at Glenwood and The Spice Market for fantastic food and drinks!

I had such a great time.I met so many great people, many more than I have listed here.  I hope we can do it all again soon. And for all you food bloggers out there, if you ever get a chance to go to one of these seminars, DO IT! It is such a great experience!

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  1. Jodie.. that was sweet of you to mention me.. and OMG, you are right, we don't even have pictures of each other.. I have pictures of the food, and the locations but not of the wonderful people that I meet… my bad! Guess I was super busy trying to take it all in!

    And btw, I seen you, you would not have been so scandalous to change in the car.. nope, would not happen!

    And a big shout out of helping me understand all the gadgets on my P&S camera… hello Teacher!

  2. Wow! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Great photos! Wish we have this kind of event here, would love to attend one.

  3. Great post Jodie! I think you and I used the exact same last sentence! I wish we had gotten to talk more, keep in touch and hopefully I'll catch at another conference soon!

  4. Hey, great hanging out! I have my fingers crossed for your safe journey to WordPress, and I'll be around for support when you're ready. Then you'll be unstoppable!

  5. Hi Jodie! Thanks for the shout out. It was really nice talking to you. I too have a lot to think about. I wish you luck on your move to WordPress — a daunting task to say the least, I'm sure. And you took lovely photos of the event.

  6. so sorry i had to miss this! i wish i could have met you and all the other fabulous foodies! plus i'm jealous you got to meet Deb – she's awesome! glad you had an awesome time! 🙂

  7. Hi Jodie. You do not know me, and I will probably never meet you, but thanks SO MUCH for your blog. You are a miracle worker. I work 12 hour nights, and am on night 2 ( weekends and am going on 3 or so hours of sleep since I went to church this morning) After finding your blog from searching for a zucchini recipe, I got to reading, and YOU KEPT ME AWAKE!! Thanks so much. Your blog is such an inspriration. I look forward to trying your recipes with my picky boys, as we need to be more frugal with our budget as their food needs continue to grow, and our income is not… any my husband is in school, making me the breadwinner, which was never in the plan. Anyway, Again, thanks SO MUCH!!

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