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Controlling the Chaos

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At 3:15 PM yesterday afternoon I had had enough. I had had enough of not being able to find what I was looking for; of having to look in twelve different places for the one thing I had lost. I am speaking, of course, about my spices and herbs.
I am sure that I have mentioned to you before about my slight obsession with herbs and spices. I have quite a few. The problem was that there wasn’t enough room in my spice cabinet to house all of my spices, so they ended up scattered around the kitchen. Making it impossible to find anything, or to know if I already had something before I went and bought another bottle of it.
So here was my solution. Less than $10, a 1×3 board, and a few L-brackets and I have a spice cabinet that can actually hold all of my spices!

So, okay, the shelves on the left have some “craftsmanship issues” ( I used to hear that a lot in art school.), but all in all I think they work well. For an hour’s worth of time and a few bucks, I think I just saved myself a lot of little frustrations in the future…and I can use all the help I can get.

Oh! 77. That’s how many different spices there are in here, without counting doubles.

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  1. that is awesome! I am currently deliberating on the solution to the same issue.

    you could enter the giveaway on my site and buy more spices… 😀 I am such an enabler 😀

  2. Wow! That looks awesome! I was getting irritated in my pantry trying to find some cumint he other day but I don't think I have 77 spices. You do have a problem 🙂

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