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Dad and Ananda 9/2011

Yesterday, I lost my sister. She was not my biological sister, we were not even remotely related, but she was my sister. I grew up with her, I looked up to her, she was the oldest of the seven of us ( most of us not actually related), and she was the shining star of our clan. She taught me all of the important things a girl needs to know. She taught me all of the words and movements to “Miss Mary Mack”. She taught me the value of poetry and art. She even taught me how to make the most perfect bubble letters a girl could ever strive for.

She was courageous. And fearless, and yet, she always carried a smile; a warm greeting. She struggled with her own tragedy. Once she confided in me how she longed to have a family of her own. A dream she would never some to realize. She was an inspiration to everyone. She had the sweetness of her mother. The fortitude of her father. Was cherished by her brother. Loved by her community. We were her family. The world was a better place with her in it.

Now, she is gone and the light of the world seems a little bit dimmer. The melody of life a little softer, but the heavens above shine bright and I can hear the angels sing.


Jodie is a wife, mom, writer and lover of chickens and gardens. She runs her family's winery by day and cooks and writes by night.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely, heart felt tribute our our special angel, Jodie……the world certainly seems less bright since her passing, but we know that heaven has just received a radiant and powerful angel to bless us all from on high.

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