Black and Blue Steak Salad

Get your daily dose of meat and veg in with this filling and delicious salad. Easy homemade salad dressing with steak!


When choosing your steak for this meal, try to pick something that has nice marbling but not big pockets of fat. I used a flat iron steak for this Black and Blue Steak Salad, but a sirloin or New York Strip steak, flank steak, or even a top round. nd when you do slice your steak make sure to slice as thin as you can and go against the grain.


–steak NY strip steak, flat iron steak, flank steak, etc – steak seasoning – Romaine lettuce chopped – tomatoes  – avocados sliced – Blue cheese crumbles – ½ cup fried onions Dressing: – Half and Half – Greek Yogurt – blue cheese –white wine vinegar –  Dijon mustard – Pinch of salt and pepper

Preheat broiler to high setting.

Step 1.

Season you steak on each side with the steak seasoning.

Step 2.

Broil on each side

Step 3.

It’s no secret that blue cheese and steak are a match made in heaven. The strong flavors of the blue cheese complement the smoky steak. Top off this garden of goodness with my homemade blue cheese dressing and you’ve got a meal that will keep you full for hours.