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Favorite Cookbooks

I have hundreds of cookbooks, but there are a few that I go back to again and again. Here are my current favorites.

Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook – If you only buy ONE cookbook – this is it. We call it “The Bible”

My Kitchen Year – Ruth Reichl is one of my favorite writers. This is a gorgeous book about her year after Gourmet magazine. The bulgogi recipe is worth the price alone.

An Everlasting Meal – Less of a cookbook – although there are great recipes here – and more of a manifesto on how to approach cooking. Adler is a cook’s cook here and it’s a wonderful read on being frugal in the kitchen.

How to Cook Everything – A little more chefy, but an amazing resource for creating enticing dishes

A Well-Seasoned Appetite – Molly O’Neill is the patron saint of seasonal eating and this book is a great intro into simple meals with seasonal ingredients

Salt, Fat, Acid , Heat – You have to have been living under a rock to not have heard of this one. For good reason.

Gulf Coast Cooking – My favorite seafood book. It’s not in print any more, but its worth hunting down.

Easy Chinese Recipes – An easy to follow guide to all of your Chinese favorites.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

This tome has all of your Italian desires written in detailed step-by-step direction. If you want Italian, start here.

The Sound of a Good Book

When it comes to reading, I’ve been a long time lover of books. These days I listen to more books than I actually read because life is so busy. But I have found that I really love listening to a good narrator read a good book.

I spend a lot of time in my car, driving to work (a 60 mile commute) and I spend a lot of time listening to my Audible app and finding new titles to listen to. 

I love all kinds of books and here is what you can find in my Audible library right now!


Food & Diet Books I Love

Non-Fiction Books I Love

Fantasy Fiction Books I Love

Funny Fiction Books I Love

Historical Romance Books I Love

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