Simple & Creative Hot Dog Toppings - 5 Types Of Hot Dog Toppings

Turn up your next backyard cookout with these Hot Dog Toppings 5 Ways. Enjoy them individually, or combine these hot dog toppings in endlessly delicious variations.


Let’s be honest, folks. Grilling hot dogs is not that hard. Once your fire is going, you just toss ’em on the grate and roll ’em around every once in a while until they start to swell up a bit. But it's the toppings that make the dog.


see each of the 5 recipes for the instructions and ingredients on toppings

Choose your type of hot dog - beef franks, turkey franks

Step 1.

Choose which topping for your hot dog you want to make

Step 2.

BBQ or cook hot dogs and make your 5 toppings

Step 3.

Sure, the kids will only want ketchup on theirs, but the adults at the party will appreciate these hot dog toppings, and all you’ll have fun watching them mix and match them to suit their tastes.