Sex On The Beach Jello Shots

Easy Jello shots with vodka for your next party, BBQ, cookout, Holiday party and more.

Why We Love This Recipe

Simple ingredient vodka shots that will please any crowd. If you love the sex on the beach drink you will love these Jello shots. No need for complicated ingredients when you can make these shots today.


– Orange Jello – boiling water – cold water – Vodka – Peach Schnapps – Cranberry Juice – Jello Shot cups with lids – Maraschino Cherries – Sliced Oranges – Whipped Cream

– Add the orange jello in a large bowl.

Step 1.

Whisk the boiling water to the jello

Step 2.

continue whisking until the jello has dissolved.

Step 3.

Make the best vodka sex on the beach Jello shots today.