Twice Baked Colcannon Potatoes

This recipe is a take on Colcannon, which is a traditional Irish recipe that is basically mashed potatoes with cabbage and onions thrown in with lots of butter. It’s simple and effective. I’ve changed it up a little bit and made a twice baked potato out of it so that it can be made ahead

Preheat oven

Scrub potatoes and pierce with a fork several times. Place the potatoes directly on the baking rack and bake

heat the oil over medium high heat in a large heavy pot. Sauté the onion and leek together

Ingredients Vegetable Oil Butter Small Head Of Cabbage Chopped Fresh Parsley Medium Baking Potatoes Salt And Pepper Milk Medium Onion Green Onions Leek Swipe up for full list

Two Lucky Spoons

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