Easy Jamaican Beef and Rice Recipe

Get ready to make the best Jamaican beef and rice.


–boneless beef stew meat  – Salt and pepper to taste – onion diced –baby carrots sliced – red and green peppers . –jalapenos  – minced garlic – ire roasted tomatoes – rum – chicken stock swipe up for ingredient list

This recipe is bursting with flavor and will be your new favorite Caribbean beef meal. You can’t go wrong with this rice and stew recipe.

Why We Love This Recipe

Simple Jamaican beef and rice recipe that you will be making all the time. Tasty beef stew over rice that will have everyone coming back for more. If you are looking for a delish beef recipe this is the one for you.

In a dutch oven add the olive oil

Step 1.

– Season beef with salt and pepper.

Step 2.

Add beef to dutch oven and cook

Step 3.