35 Halloween Themed Recipes For A Potluck

Sugar Cookie Pizza Halloween themed food ideas for a potluck like this recipe amp up any party. Sugar Cookie Pizza is a fun and easy treat for your next gathering.

Misfortune Cookies I have the best Halloween cookie recipe for any party! Misfortune Cookies, as in – MisFORTUNE cookies. You easily make your own misfortune notes to slip inside each one for your friends and family to find.

Pumpkin Poke Cake This delicious and easy pumpkin poke cake is a perfect fall dessert. Pumpkin and caramel come together in this recipe to create a cake that nobody can resist!

Mummy Oreo Balls Spooky Halloween Mummy Oreo Balls are easy to make needing only 4 ingredients. These tasty balls almost seem to be watching you, adding to the creep factor!

Glow In The Dark Cupcakes Make your party glow with these glow in the dark cupcakes! All you need is your favorite cupcake recipe and this simple glow technique to make your party stand out.

Monster Mash Party Mix This Monster Mash Party Mix is a little creepy, a whole lot of fun, and has a little something for everyone. Just 5 minutes to throw together, enjoy at your next Spooky party or give to friends and teachers in cute little gift bags for a sweet Halloween surprise.

Spooky Chocolate Dipped Rats These strawberry and chocolate fudge mice are great finger food for any October Party! They are super cute but scary at the same time. It’s the perfect Halloween themed food idea for a potluck!

Two Lucky Spoons

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